domenica 10 maggio 2009

New Automatic Tank Gauge Calibration System with Laser Interferometer as Absolute Length Reference

LaserLiner LL10Petro is an automatic tank gauge probe calibration system working with a laser interferometer as a length reference. The laser interferometer with embedded electronics controls the movement of the floating table and tests the accuracy of the probe in over 50 points according to ISO230-2.
The selection of the measurement points is set automatically according to the probe type or the requirements of local calibration Institute. The mechanical construction and the embedded software allow simultaneous measurement of two probes. The calibration consists of three testing procedure: start, step positioning and pilgrim positioning. The total duration of the calibration procedure is less than an hour

Stabilized LaserLiner laser head, with patented solutions inside, guarantees stable operation over a wide temperature range and long time, and is designed to be as compact and small as possible. LaserLiner LL10Petro is specifically destined for certification laboratories.

giovedì 7 maggio 2009

High accuracy lenght measuring machines for calibration of measuring instruments

Feanor presents on the Russian and the Baltic market the new length high accuracy measuring instrument ABBE LP600, equipped with Heidenhain incremental measuring system and with QMSOFT calibration software.
LP600 allows to perform calibration of plug GO/NO GO, plain and thread gauges, micrometers, snap gauges with an uncertainty level similar to the traditional Zeiss 'aus Jena ' length measuring instruments,(based on a dated design, but with good metrological performance), for external manual measuring up to 600 mm.

Suitable for calibration centers or company metrology labs, the system allows to include provides temperature control and compensation, if the environmental conditions cannot guarantee to operate at the standard temperature of 20 ° C.

Temperature control
Longer version of the length calibration machine requires the use of LN10 laser interferometer measurement system. The environmental system uses multiple sensors (for temperature, pressure humidity), three temperature sensors to be placed on the measuring system, on the workpiece and the measuring probe. The system was developed within a EU metrology research project. For more information please contact info (at)