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Update of ZEISS ULM length measurement machines with QMSOFT

Author: Luca Bochese, FEANOR Italy-Estonia, QQ 873993643


关键词:长度校准仪器,ZEISS ULM microrep ,海德汉,aus Jena,更新,仪器螺纹环和仪表的校准,校准软件,更新老式的长度校准仪器

作者: Luca Bochese feanor爱沙尼亚, QQ 873993643
日期: 2008722

Feanor is a global company performing applied research and providing services in metrology and measurement instruments since 1990. The information contained in this article is useful for all users of older ZEISS length measurement machines, including calibration laboratories, which need to update the software for the management of their measuring instruments.

芬诺FEANOR是一个全球性的公司,创立于1990年,进行应用研究和提供计量和测量仪器的服务。本文所述技术信息对所有ZEISS ULM长度测量仪器的老客户很有益处,包括校准实验室,它需要更新软件管理自己的测量仪器。

The ease of use and the impressive number of standards included in QMSOFT offers advantages such as fast and custom calibration of dial gauges, accurate calibration of thread rings using T probes and a three point contact (instead of two, as normally performed with these machines) by positioning the thread ring with a vertical axis, no need of paper, e-calibration services and database sharing with customers, and many others. The company which installed this system can now save about 35.000 EUR per year, this being the cost for calibration of thread rings by an external calibration laboratory.

它使用方便,在QMSOFT中有数目可观的标准,它的优势体现在,比如,快速和自定义的标定拨号计,精确标定螺纹环,用T探头和 3点接触(而不是两个,像通常的机器那样)通过垂直轴定位螺纹环,无需纸张,提供电子校正服务和数据库与客户共享服务,和许多其他服务。该公司安装这个 系统现在可以节省约35.000欧元每年,相当于一个由外部校准实验室校准螺纹环提供的成本。

Picture 1: Older ZEISS ULM length measuring machine can now be transformed into a fast and efficient length calibration machine with the powerful options of QMSOFT gauge management software图片1 :旧版的ZEISS ULM 长度测量仪器现在可以转化为一种快速有效的长度校准机通过选择强大的QMSOFT衡量管理软件

The main advantages of QMSOFT gauge management software:

  • Fast operation and ease of use
  • Complete and updated standards
  • Calibration of thread gauges with 3 probe procedure (more accurate) and Berndt or vectorial evaluation formulas


Conversion of the original Zeiss measuring system

Using a special interface-box, it is now possible to connect directly the original Zeiss measuring system of the ‘aus Jena’ machine to a modern Heidenhain IK220 card (PCI card with two sockets).

使用一个特殊的界面中,现在有可能直接连接原ZEISS测量系统'‘aus Jena '机到现代海德汉IK220卡( PCI卡用两个插座)

Note: Older computers used an IK 121 card on ISA bus, when required, it is still possible although not suggested, to use a IK 121 card on ISA bus and QMSOFT16 bit version. In that case, the card is not automatically recognized by the OS, and is therefore necessary to check PIN address 320, 330,340 or 350 and enter this information in the QMSOFT glass scale setting options, as well as the glass scale resolution in 20 or 8 μm.

注:老式的电脑,一IK121ISA总线,在需要时,它仍有可能,虽然没有建议,使用IK121ISA总线和qmsoft16位元版本。在 这种情况下,该卡是不会自动承认的操作系统,因此,有必要检查引脚地址320 350330340 ,并输入此信息,在qmsoft玻璃规模设定选项,以及作为玻璃规模决议在20年或8 μm

This solution with IK220 PCI allows the use of both versions of QMSOFT 16 bit and QMSOFT 32 bit, without the need of using the original AE101 (H or L) display unit.

The information previously displayed on Zeiss AE101 interface (MIN, MAX, NEG, SET, …) is now displayed directly on the PC monitor. 这个用ik220PCI的解决方案允许使用两个版本的QMSOFT 16位和32位,而不需要使用原来的ae101 h或升)显示单元。
以前仅显示在AE101接口的资料(MinMaxNEGSET … … )现在可以直接显示在PC监视器上。

Picture 2: The original Feinmess AE 101 Interface is no longer needed, when connecting the measuring machine to the Heidenhain PCI counter card. The functions of the display are then performed by the QMSOFT display software. 图片2

Feinmess AE 101接口,就不再需要了,当把测量仪器和海德汉的PCI卡连接起来时。职能展示是由QMSOFT显示软件完成的。

Picture 3: Conversion Interface box

The cable of the aus Jena ZEISS ULM machine is connected to a special interface box, which is then connected to the IK220 in the PC slot.

When installing the drivers, with different procedures according to Windows 2000, XP or Vista, the IK220 card address will be automatically recognized (no pin setting).

The original signal is converted and displayed, the only required setting are the setup of the measurement channel (normally nr. 1) and the glass scale resolution in 20, 10, 8 or 2 μm. This can be easily performed by measuring a 10 mm block gauge.

aus Jena ZEISS ULM
的网线 是连接到一个特别的接口框,然后连接到ik220电脑插槽。
安装驱动时,根据Windows 2000 XPVista不同的程序 ik220卡地址将被自动识别(无引脚设置)
原始信号的转换和显示,只需要设置安装的测量通道(通常年nr. 1 )和玻璃度量分辨率在20 10 82 μ m


The interface box constantly converts the original Zeiss glass scale signal into a standard Heidenhain glass scale signal


Measurement force

This system can be easily applied to all machines with mechanical presetting of measuring force (spring or deadweight). For all machines with force presetting via software, it might be necessary to keep the machine management software in background. This happens, as an example, with SIP Genevoise series 550 M machines, which need their own LMC software running in background.

这个系统可以很容易地适用于所有的带有测量力的机械预先装置(弹簧或是重量)机器。对所有通过软件预置力的机器 ,可能有必要把机器管理软件保持在背景下。这种情况下,作为一个例子,与SIPgenevoise一系列550m机器,需要他们自己的LMC运行的软件的背景。

Temperature compensation

Drivers for most temperature sensors are included. A general RS232 setting option allows connection of other sensors, if required by unstable environment condition (which should generally be avoided).


Calibration of dial gauges

Calibration of all types dial gauges can be performed very quickly and easily. All included standards (US and European standards, including also Japanese, Korean and Australian) are given at the end of this article

校准所有类型的拨号压力表可以非常迅速和容易的执行。所有列入标准(美国和欧洲的标准,其中还包括日本,韩国和澳大利亚) ,均在本文章最后呈现。

The basic QMSOFT display contains all needed functions for calibration of different types of gauges

基本的QMSOFT 显示包含所有需要的功能来校准不同类型的压力表。

Example of calculation of parameters of thread standard values (minimum, maximum, wear or external, mean an internal diameter) , for a metric M10 thread plug gauge, pitch 1.5 mm, tolerance class 6H, according to DIN German standard

例如计算参数的螺纹标准值(最低,最高,磨损或外部,是指一个内部直径) ,为M10的公制螺纹塞规,螺距1.5毫米,宽容级6小时,按照DIN德国标准

In this example, two measurement at 0° and 90° are performed on a 10.410 mm plain plug gauge, on two different sections of the gauge, by the three wire method

在这个例子中,两种测量在0 °90 °是在一个10.410mm平原塞规,由三线的方法,在两个不同的部分规范。

QMSOFT - 软件技术实现对检定和校准的过程控制

Software for management and calibration of measurement instruments, including updated international standards


The main shell of QMSOFT is divided in four sections: left for the measuring modules (inspection programs) for different types of instruments to be calibrated, the database, the calibration devices used, and other software tools

QMSOFT的主体分为四个部分:左为测量模块(检验程序) ,为不同类型的仪器进行校正,数据库,标定设备使用,和其他的软件工具

QMSOFT can be used with all length measuring instruments, including following well-known models from different manufacturers:


  • SIP - 300, 300M, 550M, 750M
  • Brown&Sharpe TESA - TESA UPC, Etalon POLO
  • Mahr Federal - 828a, 828 PC, 828 UN, Optimar 100, Millitron 1240 e 1501IC, PLM 600
  • Zeiss aus Jena - ULM 600 (AE1IH/Heidenhain), ULM Opal 600, Opal 1000
  • Steinmeyer Feinmess Suhl - KLM-60.01, LM-300.01, UMP-2, EMP-II
  • Trimos - TULM RS232/Heidenhain, THV mini, LabConcept, TELMA, TELA
  • Pratt & Whitney - Supermicrometer, P&W Labmaster
  • Sylvac - Dial gauge calibrator, D 80, D 100, Opto RS
  • Helios - Com, Unitron, Com Supra, Linear, UMG 50
  • Microrep - DMS 680
  • Cary - Carylabor

QMSOFT has many different modules, which allow high flexibility and possibility to adapt to your calibration requirements:

QMSOFT 有很多不同的模块,灵活性高,适应性强,可适合你的校准要求。

1. Gauge database DABAQ4W (command shell). Gauge management

DABAQ4W 软件技术实现对检定和校准的过程控制

The database screen indicates which gauges or instruments need to be calibrated and gives their basic parameters. The database is fully customizable and can be used to define the structure of any type of new measuring device (electrical, force, torque, temperature, torque, pressure,…)

数据库的屏幕显示,其中压力表或仪器需要加以校准并给出了他们的基本参数。该数据库是完全自定义,可以用来界定结构,界定任何类型的新的测量装置(电气,力矩,扭矩,温度,扭矩,压力, … …

2. LEHRM4W for calibration of plain rings, plug gages and snap gages according to following standards:

LEHRM4W 校准片面环,插头片,根据以下标准:

- DIN ISO 286 – 1环规德国标准

- DIN ISO 286 – 2环规德国标准

- British standard BS 969 -环规英国标准

- ANSI/ASME B89.1.6M - 1984 -环规英国标准

- Norme Française NF E 02-202 (GE40-001N) -环规法国标准

- Master Rings BS 4064:1966 and BS 4065:1966 环规英国标准

- Master Rings Norme Française NF E 11-011环规法国标准

Screen for plain gages selection

3. GEWIND4W for calibration of thread gages and rings according to following standards.

GEWIND4W 为校准线片及环,根据以下标准:

- ISO Metric threads ISO DIN ISO 1502 (DIN 13) 国际标准化组织公制螺纹

- ISO Metric threads ANSI B.1.16M ANSI标准化组织公制螺纹

- Trapezoidal ISO metric threads DIN 103 梯形国际标准化组织度量 线程

- Unified threads and thread gages ANSI ASME B1.1 and B 1.2 标准

- Thread Gauges for Unified threads BS 919 标准

- Gauges for pipe threads DIN ISO 228 国际标准化组织计管螺纹

- Steel conduit threads DIN 40430, DIN 40431 标准

- Knuckle threads (Rundgewinde) - DIN 405标准

- Buttress threads and gauges (Sägegewinde), DIN 513 and factory standard

- Gauges for wire thread inserts for metric threads, DIN 8140 标准

- Gages for threads Whitworth BS 84 / BS 919 part 2

- NPSM pipe threads, ANSI/ASME 1.20.1

- Aerospace MJ Threads, DIN ISO 5855 - 对于应用在航天

- Gauges for Metric and Unified threads Böllhof factory standard

- Threads for valves and tires DIN 7756 and ETRTO V.7

- Metric threads NF E 03-152/163 (GE40-010N)

- Unified threads CNOMO GE40-008N (PSA, Renault) 法国标准

- ACME threads ANSI B1.5 – 1988 标准

- Stub-ACME threads ANSI B1.8 – 1988 标准

- Buttress threads 7°/45°, ANSI B1.9 – 1973 标准

- Hot-dip galvanized threads DIN ISO 965:2002 标准

4. MESSF4W for calibration of dial gauges, precision dial gauges and test dial indicators according to following standards:

MESSF4W 标定拨号仪表 (百分表千分表系列), 精密拨号仪表和测试拨号指标按以下标准:

- Dial gauges DIN 878 - 1973 德国标准

- Precision dial gauges DIN 879 - 1999 德国标准

- Dial test indicators DIN 2270 - 1985 德国标准

- Precision dial gauges ASME/ANSI B89.1.10M - 1987

- Dial gauges Norme française NF E 011-50 法国标准

- Dial test indicators Norme française XP E 11-053 : 2000 法国标准

- Dial gauges Japanese industrial standard JIS B 7503 - 1992 日本标准

- Dial gauges British standard BS 907-1965 英国标准

- Dial test indicators British standard BS 2795-1981 英国标准

- Dial gauges and test dial indicators, Australian standard AS 2103 澳大利亚标准

- Dial gauges (0.01 mm) (Korean standard) KS B 5206-1984 韩国标准

- Dial gauges (0.001 mm) (Korean standard) KS B 5207-1984 韩国标准

- Test dial indicators (Korean standard) KS B 5238-1976 韩国标准

The main display screen for dial gauges is divided in three sections, for three different types of dial gauges

5. MESCHR4W for the calibration of outside and inside micrometers, micrometer heads according to following standards:

MESCHR4W 为标定的内部和外部微米 (千分尺系列), 微米元首根据以下标准

- Micrometers DIN 863 - 1999 (part 1-4) 德国标准

- Outside micrometers (British standard) BS 870-1950 英国标准

- Inside micrometers (British standard) BS 959-1950 英国标准

- Depth micrometers (British standard) BS 6468-1984 英国标准

- Micrometer heads (British standard) BS 1734-1951 英国标准

- Micrometers (any type) Federal Specification (USA) GGG-C105 C-1987

- External micrometers, Australian standard AS 2102 澳大利亚标准

- Internal micrometers, Australian standard AS 2101 : 1978 澳大利亚标准

MESCHR4W main screen, although such measuring instruments are normal calibrated using a set of reference block gauges

6. MESCHI4W for calibration of vernier calipers, depth gauges according to following standards:

MESCHI4W 为太阳能卡尺标定游标卡钳,·数显卡尺系列, ·游标卡尺系列, ·带表卡尺系列, ·深度尺系列, ·数显标尺系列 深度计,根据以下标准:

- Vernier calipers DIN 862 - 1988 卡尺德国标准

- Vernier calipers (metric) Australian standard AS 1984 - 1977 澳大利亚标准

- Vernier calipers British standard BS 887 卡尺英国标准

- Vernier calipers (metric) Norme Française NF E 11-091 法国标准

7. MESZTA4W for calibration of measuring tapes according to following standards:

MESZTA4W 校准测量录音带根据以下标准:

- Steel tapes DIN 865 and DIN 866 德国标准

- Steel tapes (British standard) BS 4372 英国标准

QMSOFT includes standards and procedures for calibration of following types of measuring instruments:



1 Absolute coolant proof caliper 防水防油数显卡尺
2 Absolute Digimatic caliper 数显卡尺
3 Absolute solar caliper
4 Vernier caliper
5 diamond Master vernier caliper
6 dial caliper
7 digimatic caliper
8 vernier caliper
9 digimatic carbon fiber caliper
10 long jaw vernier caliper
11 digimatic caliper
12 Vernier caliper
13 offset caliper/offset centerline caliper
14 point caliper
15 blade type caliper
16 neck caliper/outside point caliper
17 tube thickness caliper/swivel vernier caliper
18 scribing caliper/digimatic snap caliper
19 back-jaw centerline caliper
20 inside caliper 内径卡尺
21 absolute low force caliper
22 hook type vernier caliper
23 absolute digimatic depth gages
24 vernier depth gages/dial depth gages
25 extension bases/depth base attachment
1 Digimatic Micrometer
2 quickmike Quickmike
3 outside micrometer
4 quick-setting outside micrometers
5 spine micrometers
6 point micrometers
7 Crimp Height Micrometers
8 v-anvil micrometers V
9 tube micrometers 管壁千分尺
10 universal micrometers
11 uni-mike “Uni-Mike”
12 sheet metal micrometers U
13 balde micrometers
14 disk micrometers
15 screw thread micrometers
16 gear tooth micrometers
17 can seam micrometers
18 hub micrometers
19 digit outside micrometers
20 caliper type micrometers
21 digimatic micrometers
22 low force micrometers/digimatic bench micrometer 低测力千分尺
23 snap meters/dial snap meters 带表千分尺(杠杆卡规)
24 indicating micrometers/outside micrometers
25 limit micrometers
26 optical flats/optical parallels
27 micrometer standards/standards for screw thread micrometers(普通、螺纹、
28 micrometer stands
29 groove micrometers
30 depth micrometers
31 borematic
32 digimatic holtest
33 holtest
34 inside micrometers
35 digimatic tubular inside micrometers
36 tubular inside micrometers
37 micrometer heads 微分头


1 IDF series digimatic indicators IDF系列数显千分表/百分表
2 IDC series digimatic indicators IDC
3 IDS series digimatic indicators IDS
4 IDU series digimatic indicators IDU
5 LGS series digimatic indicators LGS
6 LGD,LGD-M Linear gages
7 Dial indicators 1
系列 1系列百分表/千分表
8 Dial indicators 2
系列 2系列百分表/千分表
9 Dial indicators 3
系列 3系列百分表/千分表
10 Dial indicators 4
系列 4系列百分表/千分表
11 contact points
12 magnetic stands
13 bore gages
14 dial bore gages
15 setting rings
16 dial depth gages 深度表
17 thickness gages
18 caliper gages
19 dial test indicators
20 accessories for dial test indicators
21 pocket type dial test indicators
22 accessories for pocket type dial test indicators

1 Linear Height 2D
2 QM-Hite
3 heightmatic
4 digimatic heitht gages
5 digital counter type dial heitht gages
6 dial height gages
7 vernier height gages 游标高度尺
8 scribers for height gages/accessories for height gages

Example of calibration certificate


The calibration certificate can be customized and printed in many different languages


More information about update options for other length measurement machines can be found on or